Florina (wings_of_ilia) wrote,

07 [Action/Voice]

[Cold weather always reminds Florina of home. Ilia was never a warm place, even in summer, and the crisp air has breathed a bit of energy and ambition into her.

It's time to get out and practice.

Everyone? I think Huey n-needs some exercise so um, i-if you want to ride a pegasus, I would be m-more than happy to take you for a flight. T-though you should p-probably dress warm!

Um, e-even if I'm, erm, not. I-it's just a good idea.

[Florina can be found out and around the village, practicing swooping and practicing diving with her pegasus. Feel free to bump into her, or flag her down. ]
Tags: oh horsefeathers, pony rides for everyone, somehow not freezing
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