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07 [Action/Voice]

[Cold weather always reminds Florina of home. Ilia was never a warm place, even in summer, and the crisp air has breathed a bit of energy and ambition into her.

It's time to get out and practice.

Everyone? I think Huey n-needs some exercise so um, i-if you want to ride a pegasus, I would be m-more than happy to take you for a flight. T-though you should p-probably dress warm!

Um, e-even if I'm, erm, not. I-it's just a good idea.

[Florina can be found out and around the village, practicing swooping and practicing diving with her pegasus. Feel free to bump into her, or flag her down. ]

06 [Action/Voice]

[It's late. It's cold. Florina's tired, sore, and upset, but right now, she just wants to get home. Anyone outside tonight might catch a flash of white soaring overhead, or see a pegasus and her rider knocking enthusiastically at the window of apartment 8 in the first Community Housing building.]

Ah! I'm alright! A-a-and I found her!

05 [Voice]

Ah! D-does anyone want any, um, b-b-baked goods? For any reason? I seem to have several c-cookies...several, um, dozen, that is... And, um, there's a lot of bread. Also, pies? T-there are so many pies.

I-I'll even deliver them to you, if you really want them! We're, um, we don't have any counter space left.

04 [Action]

[Florina honestly thought she could just mope on the couch forever, but she's starting to long for some kind of contact. At least back home she had her pegasus for company. Now, all she has is Lyn, unless she can work up the courage to go outside.

So, she figures, why not fix all those problems at once? After a few hours, she's drawn up a huge pile of crudely-rendered posters:

Have you seen this pegasus? (poster image under this cut)Collapse )
[For the rest of the day, Florina will be out around town taping up posters. You can find her at the fountain, lurking around the shops, and pretty much anywhere in between. She'll speak if spoken to.

03 [Voice]

[Florina is panicking even more than usual. Anyone who listens closely can hear something large snorting and stamping around in the background.]

Ah! Um...hello, uh, a-anyone? I um, I could use s-some...

Does...does anyone have any hay? Or m-maybe a, erm, a stable?

I, um, m-my g...Er, t-t-that is...um...


[OOC note: This is backdated to last week's new species event.]

02 ♡ [Action]

[Florina is feeling a lot better now that she's had a little time to get comfortable. She's not sure how Lyn talked her into meeting up and touring the village today, but she's glad that she has actual clothes to wear for the occasion. She's even feeling less nervous than usual. Granted, she's still going to latch onto Lyn the first second she gets close enough, but that's to be expected.]

Lyn? S-so where are we going to be going t-today? I-I know I haven't really gotten a chance to look around…b-but I'm not sure where to start so, er, maybe you can…

There are lots of places! People go to the fountain a lot of the time, there are the shops, even a few places we can go to eat later. I have so much to show you!

[Lyn is clearly much more excited and less nervous about this then Florina is, but she's not letting the other girl too far from her, either, slowing down or stepping closer to her when necessary to make sure she's within arm's reach.]

T-that sounds nice…Actually, t-this place really does seem nice overall…er, at least, everyone I've met so far seems v-very friendly…I, um, I just…I'm not very good with new places…so…er, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm…I'm really glad you're here, Lyn. [She grabs onto Lyn's arm and continues walking.]

[She gives Florina's hand a little pat.] I know. I wouldn't want you here on your own... but I'm sure it'll just take a few weeks before you feel a bit better about this place. The Malnosso aside, it's really not so bad.

I'm not going to leave you, though.

I…um…I hope so…er, I mean, no, I'll be alright. I know I will. Y-you're here, Lyn. I'll be fine. [She tightens her grip on Lyn's arm.]
[OOC: Anyone who tags in on this post will be responded to by Lyn and Florina, who are affected by the experiment.]

01 [Accidental Voice/Action]

[Anyone wandering through the forest today may be able to spot Florina. She's desperately lost, and practically jumping at any sound, crackle, or rustle of underbrush. Sometime along the way she accidentally turned on the voice option on her journal and it's been recording her ever since.]

N-now, now...I just need to remain calm, it'll be alright. I've only been lost for a f-few days now, it's...it's nothing to be upset about...I-I wish I knew where...this was...or where to go...or...or...

[There's a brief pause, and then she starts sobbing.]